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About Rogue Drone


Fight your way through the many facilities of the DroneTech complex, using your advanced prototype drone to out smart, dodge and destroy the endless waves of drones and traps that DroneTech has to send at you.

Each facility you clear DroneTech will become more and more aggressive in trying to stop you and your advanced prototype escaping, sending more and tougher drones to prevent your escape.


Pushing through the DroneTech complex can be tiring work, mix things up a bit and earn research credits by surviving the endless waves of drones in one of the six arena maps.

Or just use the arena as a practice ground for testing out new perks and abilities your grand strategy to escape the DroneTech complex.


You can only make it so far through the DroneTech complex with your stock gear, use the research credits you earn from fighting your way through the game or from surviving the arena to unlock new upgrades, abilities, attachments, perks and appearance customizations.


Your drones appearance is completely in your hands and customizable with 50 paint jobs ranging from basic colors, patterns and national flags to choose from, as well as a number of stickers, sticker colors, eye and neon underglow options to choose from.

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